R&D Advanced Technology for Human

  • 01

    Quality management system

    Robotous obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications in headquarters and factory. In accordance with them, Robotous, as a force torque sensor manufacturer, continues to develop better quality control system with keeping manufacturing on ordinance observation and to make an effort to satisfy customers.

  • 02

    R&D section

    R&D team, in design process, carries out mechanical design, circuit design, and simulation by using leading edge design tools for customer’s request. Ensuring mechanical consistency by 3D CAD, the problem occurs beforehand, which can help to develop better products. Moreover, by using various measurement or evaluation equipments R&D team improves and innovates the design quality.

  • 03

    Manufacturing control section

    We regularly checks manufacturing process quality and are making an effort to maintain quality day by day. The whole process from parts acceptance inspection to product packaging is defined in the operation standard. Especially, calibration and performance evaluation processes are managed by the inspection standard which prescribes inspection method and performance criteria. In order to keep traceability for a certain product, a barcode labeler was installed. Lot management per production is executed in case of claims from customers or field issue. Robotous has confirmation from our suppliers that all of our products comply with ROHS and REACH.

  • 04

    Facility and equipment

    Robotous manages quality, automates manufacturing process with leading-edge machines and equipments for the purpose of satisfying customers. We has 3D measuring instruments, several assembly tools, calibration & evaluation equipments related with measurement, assembly, calibration, inspection for treating advanced technology of force torque sensors.